Honoring All Life Foundation

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The Honoring All Life Foundation asks:

What awaits us - both individually and collectively as a species - when we dare to live life as a declaration of WHO WE ARE WILLING TO BE, instead of as victims of perceived limitations?

In a world in which perception determines our sense of reality, and all perception is highly subjective, on what do we choose to place our focus of ATTENTION and INTENTION?

Our programs are designed to explore new ways of perceiving the possible:

Thrivability Institute(sm) "Thriv'In"

How do we THRIVE individually and collectively?

Thriv'In offers practical explorations, CLASSES, and events

Re-Igniting Community - offering EVENTS that reperceive the possible and explore new options. Join TRANSITION TOWN ASHLAND and the national network of Transition Initiatives as we relocalize and explore how to create community resilience in the face of peak oil, climate change, exponential population growth, and an uncertain global economy.
BOOK: Honorng All Life - A Practical Guide to Exploring a New Reality
Read the Preface - Read Chapter One - Buy Book

Frances Moore Lappe' March 10th 2008 visit

Rogue Valley Community Assessment

How do the spirals of Powerlessness and Empowerment show up in the Rogue Valley?

India Project

The India Project
How can we assist others and Honor them fully? - Details...

View the 2007 summary report.

Awareness Media

Deep Perception Workshops

Deep Perception(sm) Workshops
How and what do we allow ourselves to see?
CoCreate with Us

Learn more about how
Spiral Dynamics
   can help us understand and honor each other.

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Enchanted Journey Meets BioFeedback
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Honoring ALL Life Foundation

Wild Divine Game
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