Re-Igniting Community

Building JOY-Centered Communities

How do we go about creating Joy-Centered communitites that honor all participants?  What tools bring us together, help us to see beneath our individual perceptual filters to the commonality we all share... a longing to connect, a need to contribute our gifts, a desire to be honored and seen simply for who we are. 

Honoring All Life Foundation actively explores tools and ways of perceiving that open up the field of the possible.  But we're not just interested in visioning, our focus is on efficient and effective practical application, so we actively explore diverse possibilities that include the following:

  • Connections Weekends - in which we actively explore leading-edge tools for deepening connection and understanding.  A new kind of community can emerge from this connection.  The community holds space for individuals to live life directed by what they truly want instead of what they perceive they should or shouldn’t do.  Those individuals then offer back to the community the vitality and creativity of their passion and clarity of purpose.  This strengthens the community, which in turn creates an even more nurturing environment for the individuals within it.
  • Classes - that explore HOW we perceive, how to design the details of our lives using nature as our teacher, and how to broaden our sense of the possible as we transition to alternative energy sources.

We are also exploring innovative economic models like...


 A Local Complementary Currency

Creating a medium of local exchange has proved worldwide to be one of the most effective methods of insuring that basic needs are met within a community.

Working with Bernard Lietaer, a highly recognized expert on Complementary Currencies who worked on the transition to the Euro, we hope to develop a custom currency to meet the needs of our local area.

We encourage you to share your own experiences of creating communities that Honor All.