Donate and Honor Us All

How Can You Support Us - And Yourself, Too?

The Honoring All Life Foundation gratefully accepts donations that truly honor YOU. We invite you to donate as a declaration of WHO YOU ARE – an affirmation of your own magnificence and that of the world around you. The power of a donation made in that spirit touches lives in innumerable ways, and knows no bounds.

We are honored and grateful to participate in this process.


Here are some suggestions:

  • Focus your attention on various aspects of your daily life, notice what honors you and brings you joy...and what doesn't.

  • Support only those choices that align with the world you want to live in. Vote with your thoughts, money, and actions.

  • When you support our programs in any way (emotionally, financially, energetically), you make a stand for a world that honors all.  If this resonates with your heart:

    • Use the "virtual coffee" categories below to make an easy donation to the HAL Foundation,

    • Purchase real ORGANIC FAIR TRADE coffee from the Thanksgiving Coffee Company,

    • spread the word about our programs, products, and visions

    • Or offer your own custom donation using the "creative donations" button.

Thanksgiving Coffee
Purchase Real Coffee
Savor Shade-Grown Organic Fair-Trade Coffee
Monthly Mocha Madness
Monthly Mocha Madness
Donate 1 "Virtual Mocha" each week for a REPEAT monthly donation of $20
Lots o' Latte
Lots o' Latté
Donate 1 week's worth of Lattés for a total donation of $20
3 Challenge
Chai Challenge
Donate 4 "Virtual Chais" for a total donation of $10
Matte Magnificence
Matté Magnificence
Donate 2 "Virtual Mattés" for a total donation of $5
Your Choice
Creative Donations
What help can you offer?