• Seeing yourself and others as whole
  • Learning through your passions
  • Learning to focus your INTENTION and ATTENTION
  • Choosing unity instead of separation
  • Actively and humbly exploring and honoring all life's wonders
  • Seeing life as your educational curriculum
  • Consciously designing your world
  • An enriched environment in which you are free to explore the magnificence of yourself and the world around you

Thriv'In & Gaia University-Ashland           

Introduction to HALI
Introduction to Joy-Centered Education
What is Joy-centered Action Learning about?
Life Skills
Life Skills
What are your passions?  What do you want to learn?
The Setting
The Setting
What setting offers Action-based, Hands-on learning?
Usable Skills
Usable Skills
How can we succeed in a changing world?
Enrichment Programs
Enrichment Programs
How can we expand our choices in life?
Before and After School Programs
School Visits and After School Programs
How can we share this with all who desire it?
Community Events
Community Events
How can we raise each other?
HALI Calendar
How can we co-create together?
Workshops and Conferences
Workshops & Conferences
How can you get involved today?