Honoring All Life Institute

Before and After School Program

Funding cuts have eliminated many worthwhile after-school programs for students. HALI would like to engage local public and private schools, colleges and universities in co-creating a variety of after-school classes. Not only would this fill a void in many educational opportunities and offer additional learning experiences for our students, but the funds generated from these short courses would help offset school costs.

Most importantly, this type of community outreach would include instead of compete with the local schools, complementing their existing programs. It is our intention to create an after-school program that addresses what is needed and wanted by the entire community, working together to co-create an after-school program that enhances everyone's life. A few details:

  • We would provide the advertising and classroom space for local instructors so that their initial capital outlay is minimal. In exchange we would receive a percent of the profits. (I've spoken with many Shakespeare Festival artist who told me they love this idea.)
  • We could pick students up from surrounding schools just like the YMCA, but we would make sure we offer programs that the Y doesn't offer.
  • By opening early (7:30 am) and closing late (6:00pm), we could provide parents with the opportunity to fully pursue their own passions knowing their children are safe.
  • We could offer a standard learner-led program and optional courses at additional cost.