Honoring All Life Institute

Community Events

Can you imagine an environment in which each person is considered both student and teacher - in which the underlying assumption is that we have something to learn from everyone (and every thing) we meet - if we're open to it?

That is the philosophy at HALI. It re-writes the old adage, "It takes a village to raise a child", and adds an additional nuance of honoring... transforming it into the question:

How Can We Raise Each Other?

In light of this philosophy, HALI actively explores how education and community can be seen as one. Our area is a haven for the retired, people who bring a lifetime of knowledge and experience to their every day events. In addition, it is a center for those who choose to express their magnificence through the arts. We are also aware that the public schools need our support. It is our intention to find those areas in which we can support all schools in our community, such that everyone's unique needs are met through a multitude of choices available. Our goal is to embrace our entire community in the experience that is HALI.

Here are a few of our ideas to accomplish that goal. Because HALI is intended to be a co-creation of the entire community, we welcome your suggestions and additions to this list:

  • After School Classes available to all
  • Weekend Seminars and special events to bring the community together
  • Community Solstice and Equinox celebrations, as well as other seasonal celebrations
  • Reviving the old "Art Performance" weekly evenings to express and enhance community unity
  • Evening Adult Classes offered much as the After School Classes are handled
  • Community Mentors contribute their expertise as a win-win for all
  • Students would be invited to actively seek what is needed and wanted within their community, and then to see if those needs match their own passions. Programs will then be created to fulfill the student's desire to contribute in a real and tangible way.