Honoring All Life Institute

Enrichment Programs

If the choices we make are base in our field of awareness, how can we expand that field and thus our perceived options?

Here are just a few non-traditional areas of enrichment HALI would like to offer...

One of the most important focuses of the Ashland site is the experience of ONEness with the Earth. Using local experts to design every aspect of the HALI site as part of an overall Permaculture plan will help us all live that experience and honor the site.

Herbology, Tinctures, and Basic Homeopathy
Perhaps a program of herbology can be developed. There are many local experts who would love to participate.

Rites of Passage
Highly personal individually-created rites of passage celebrating life-transitions will be offered to all members of the HALI community.

Wilderness Experiences
Many wilderness experts live in our area who have expressed a desire to co-create holiday and summer wilderness events for children of all ages.

Community Outreach
Students could participate in programs specifically designed to serve the community in ways that are not being served at the present. Because students are concentrating on "honoring all life", those whose passion is service can be encouraged to research what is needed and wanted in the community... and then further encouraged to develop co-creative programs to meet those needs. We will provide guidance and assistance.

Ropes Course
Used by our students and staff, our course could also be rented to other groups and public schools such that all benefit from this transformational experience.

Global Outreach
Using the internet (TakingITGlobal, MECA instant messaging - translation, etc) to connect directly to youth throughout the world, our students can participate in events that effect their lives, like the World Social Forum, Global Youth Action Network, Earth Summits, World Economic Forums, Bioneers Conferences, etc.

Whole Family Approach
Our intent is to include parents, siblings, students, and staff in a united educational experience.