Honoring All Life Institute

What Setting Would be Ideal?

Imagine you could choose the best kind of site to help you explore this world and all its magic, from scientific and mathematical inquiry to creative arts and everything in between. What kind of setting would help encourage you to observe, inquire, explore, and think "outside the box"?

A natural tree-filled setting
This would encourage Learners to interact and co-create with Nature, further enhancing their experience of oneness with all. An ideal site would includes a pond, natural forest, pastureland, organic gardening area, and a year-round creek.

A creative, non-institutional type building design
Ideally the buildings would be custom designed to suit our needs using environmentally sound designs and "green" construction methods. William McDonough and Michael Braungart (authors of Cradle To Cradle) challenge us to create buildings that contribute-to instead of take-from the environment in a similar manner to trees. We would like to take up that challenge. Ideally the students would participate in all aspects of designing their school.

The ability to garden organically
We would love for the site to include approximately 10 to 20 acres of pasture and/or farm land ideal for intensive organic farming, with southern exposure, and existing irrigation water rights already piped for use.