Honoring All Life Institute

Usable Skills

"The direction of business now: instinctive, nomadic, and ever-changing." - Mikela and Philip Tarlow, Digital Aboriginal

What skills do we want our children to possess by the time they are adults?

  • The ability to identify their talents and passions and, if desired, to share them with us all
  • The ability and willingness to think creatively "outside the box"
  • The ability to take their ideas from concept to manifestation in a way that is sustainable and honors all
  • Expertise in practical skills including those necessary to create a successful and profitable business (if that is their passion)...

HALI will offer a rich variety of hands-on, real-life business experiences with tangible feedback. We ask the questions:

  • Did we create our intended result?
  • Did we create a profit?

Therefore, an ideal site would allow for a variety of opportunities of student-run business experiences.

The intention behind these programs is two-fold:

  1. To offer the students hands-on experience in all aspects of manifesting their dreams, in a setting that steps beyond practice to actual accountability and success.
  2. To empower the students to experience their ability to manifest their dreams for the school as they creatively provide the funds necessary to accomplish their goals. Students will determine the use of all student-earned funds, including their use for scholarships and special events/trips/equipment, etc.

We plan a broad range of business adventures, hoping to meet each student's passions in the process. They could include the following:

Animal Husbandry

Hay could be grown, some of which could be sold for profit, and some of which could be used to feed the animals. Sheep and goats could graze while chickens could provide manure, insect protection, and organic eggs to sell to the public. An entire business in vermiculture (worms and their compost) could be developed.

Basic Auto Mechanics

A shop could be used to house a small business in changing car oil, something that is easy to do, yet could prove profitable.

Environmental Sciences and Reforestation

If the site has been stripped of some or all of its natural forest, we could design a reforestation program in conjunction with local experts, which will provide yet another opportunity for our learners to actively participate in the science of permaculture and the healing of our planet.

Horse Program

Ideally we would like access to stables and a covered arena. By creating a horse program we can accomplish several goals. We can allow students to participate in all aspects of a horse riding/boarding business, and provide a perfect situation for studying inter-species communication.

Internet and Computer Science

The students could develop an Internet business. Another option would be to have them operate an already-existing business in a win-win arrangement with the owner.

Organic Farming

The old Waldorf School in this area proved that growing and selling organic produce could be a wonderful experience for the Learners. Additionally, school-grown produce could be included in the lunch program. Those students who love to cook could assist the Food Director with all aspects of food management. There may even be a way to provide meals to the community through the student's efforts.

Any Other Student-Created Ideas

To empower students to own the quality of their school experience, they will be encouraged to seek ways of expressing themselves creatively that provide two gifts:

  1. By seeking ways to fill what is needed and wanted within the community, they can meaningfully and consciously contribute to the well-being of all.
  2. By structuring their activities in a way that financially support their events and planned experiences, they will experience their own power to manifest what they need.