Seeing From the Heart - The Science of Perception



Our subjective senses perceive only what we allow them to perceive.
It is up to each person to choose - through intention - the quality and quantity of their perceptual experience.

The Deep Perception workshops provide a safe space in which to explore, develop, and embrace our sensorial experiences in new ways:

  • seeing how we perceive ourselves, others, and our world
  • becoming aware of our unconscious perceptual filters
  • seeing how those filters affect our sense of "reality" and thus our daily choices
  • practicing seeing innocently without judgment, opinion, or beliefs
  • learning to trust and accept our experience and that of others.

Using current findings in brain research, systems theory, and quantum physics, the Deep Perception workshops provide a richly experiential, hands-on opportunity to dive deeply into your own perceptual process, to become aware of the choices you make - moment to moment - that define your reality, to stand in the power of your own BEing, and consciously choose the quality of your perceptual experience.  Choose the workshop that best serves your own intent:

  • Deep Perception - A one or two day workshop intended to empower participants to become aware of the perceptual filters through which they perceive "reality" and the way in which those filters affect their perceived choices in life.  The workshop is intended for professionals and anyone who wishes to understand the underlying assumptions that determine what they individually (and collectively) allow themselves to perceive, and ends with tools to allow them to take charge of those perceptual filters and empower themselves to expand their perceived field of the possible.
  • Partnership Painting - This 1/2 day workshop is designed for groups who work, play, or live together.  Couples, families, and work groups who desire to understand their energetic affect on each other as they go about reaching for their intended goals are invited to experience subtle nuances of behavior as they create both a group painting "masterpiece" and simultaneously allow themselves to emerge as a powerful unit of common intention.
  • Seeing YourSelf - a portrait class for non-artists, in which each participant is invited to allow their inner artist to emerge in the context of looking deeply within themselves.  While the left-brain is occupied with the process of being coached through the experience of drawing a self-portrait, the right-brain naturally opens to a deeper and profoundly transformative experience of one's own magnificence - wrinkles and all.  I am convinced that teaching people to complete just one self-portrait a year could literally transform the world.

Perfect for corporations and professionals as well as individuals desiring to expand their ability to think and perceive from that creative plane often referred to as "outside the box".

The Deep Perception Workshops have been presented in the USA and Europe using various focuses: Inner Peace, Personal Perceptual Expansion, Community Co-Creation, Creative Expansion, etc.  They can be custom-designed to specifically meet the needs of an organiation.  To further explore the possibilities of how they can serve your individual or organizational needs, see the Guidelines and Goals they share in common.

Contact Shaktari at to schedule a workshop or to discuss details of how these workshops can transform and enhance your creative experience.