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What is Spiral Dynamics® and what can it do for you?

If you're a business leader, consultant, trainer, manager, coach-or anyone whose success depends on understanding human nature-Spiral Dynamics will give you unmatched tools and insights.

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 Chris Cowan &

Natasha Todorovic

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What did previous course participants think of SD1 & 2? Here are the results:

  • 100% prefer our approach to Spiral Dynamics;
  • 100% said the course was "excellent" or "very good";
  • 95% said facilitators' knowledge of the material was excellent;
  • 95% said the content depth and richness was "excellent" or "very good";
  • 100% said the course was either "highly" or "very" relevant to them;
  • 95% would recommend this course to others.

Join the leading experts in Spiral Dynamics/Graves.

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We are the most reliable and oldest source for accurate information about Spiral Dynamics® and its applications of Dr. Clare W. Graves's theory of human systems and change. We continue to offer the most in-depth trainings for practical use of SD at the individual, organizational, and societal levels, as well as assessments and publications.

Chris Cowan is co-author (along with Don Beck) of the diffinitive book, SPIRAL DYNAMICS: Masterig Values, Leadership, and Change.


Cowan and Todorovic are also the editors of the latest compilation of Clare W. Graves' theory and research, "THE NEVER ENDING QUEST: Clare W. Graves Explores Human Nature." 



  Thrivability Institute

Gaia University, Ashland Oregon


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Spiral Dynamics® is attracting attention all over the world for its power in explaining human behavior.

From conflict between individuals to organizational change and national upheaval, Spiral Dynamics offers insights and a framework that helps make sense of things; and it offers realistic framework for solutions. Consultants, trainers, educators, and coaches around the globe are turbo-charging their skills by adding this approach to their repertoires.

Join us from April 5 - 12, 2007 in Ashland, Oregon

and remain on the leading edge.


Chris Cowan & Natasha Todorovic


Event Details
April 5-8, 2007
9:00AM-6:00PM Daily
(with optional evening activities)
Contact: Shaktari  541-941-8888
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The cornerstone to understanding human behaviour, motivation, and value systems.

You will gain a thorough grounding in Spiral Dynamics and Dr. Clare W. Graves's ECLET model. This course will give you a chance to learn how the theory can be applied in real-world settings, to interact with others who have used Spiral Dynamics practically, and to explore its applicability to individual and organization development through a systems lens.

You will "live" the levels-of-existence point of view as it is applied to business, personal development, communication, coaching, education and a host of other topic areas. This course covers the basics of our assessment suite and assessment approaches to determining which vMEMEs are active within individuals and groups. It provides the basics for using the principles of Spiral Dynamics in the field.

Sessions are lively, interactive and fun-but also demanding, thought-provoking and intense. You will begin a voyage of self-discovery as you complete a package of self-analysis instruments using both pencil-and-paper and computer technologies while working with colleagues to master the concepts.

To complete certification, you will be required to demonstrate competency in a follow-up project applying the theory. 



Event Details

April 10-12, 2007
9:00AM to 6:00PM Daily
PO Box 452 Ashland, OR 97520
Contact: Shaktari 541-941-8888
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Bringing theory to life through applications and case studies.

You will gain breadth and depth in this session by "getting behind the scenes" of human emergence. You will better understand the deep forces that produce trends, waves, and change. You will enhance your awareness of transitional states. You will also have an opportunity to discuss specific applications, projects and research initiatives.

Because this seminar is designed to expand on your knowledge of SD and share field experiences using the theory, enrollment is limited to those who have successfully completed the NVCC Spiral Dynamics 1 (above) in the last three years.

For double value, complete the updated certification track and take advantage of our coaching and support package which is available to graduates for 60 days after completing the program. 



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