“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking

we used when we created them.”





The Thrivability Institute is foremost a research facility, focused on how we can understand, create, and implement real-life designs. founded in what Dr. Bruce Lipton calls “Noetic Science.”  Such a focus moves us from incompletely thought-out designs that threaten life at worst and merely sustain it at best, to designs that literally allow all aspects of life to thrive. Thriv’In’s education program will be intricately linked with its research activities as many of the self-directed learning activities will lead into deep research for our multi-generational researchers and those working on University-level degrees.


We perceive Thrivability as the next necessary step after Sustainability.   To this end, we want to deeply explore how approaching all of life from a perspective of Thrivability will inform our designs, our infrastructures, our systems, our interactions, and ultimately all our choices. 


As we approach the concept of Thrivability, we will continually be asking ourselves to re-perceive reality as we know it.  Quantum physics is challenging our very notion of what we have come to believe as reality.  At Thriv’In we want to approach research from a place of complete innocence and from an understanding that we have much to learn.  In drawing inspiration from the experience of Gaviotas (Weisman, 1999) we will invite everyone who enters our space as a researcher, no matter what age, to be as outrageous and creative as possible, balancing in the rich area between drawing on the brilliance of existing research and the completely clean slate of pure innocence.


Although the directions research could beckon participants toward are limitless, Thriv’In will pre-pave a few paths drawing inspiration from the richness of the land we are intending to purchase.  These paths include: