Who and What We Are

The original MISSION of the Honoring All Life Foundation

was to explore the field of the possible.

HAL Foundation asked,

"Who are we willing to be - individually and collectively?"


HAL Foundation has now been incorporated

into the Thrivability Institute, with its own specific MISSION.

As the HAL Foundation transitions to the Thrivability Institute, we will continue to ask these questions:

  • How can we design our world in a way that honors all and that truly makes our individual and collective hearts sing?
  • What does it mean to "honor all"?
  • How can we each make choices in our daily lives that truly honor all?
  • How can we live life as an expression of what we know to be the deepest and greatest part of ourselves?
  • How can we empower each other?


Our Mission and Purpose

Our Board and Staff

Our Advisory Board