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Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity &

Courage in a World Gone Mad

Getting a Grip hit the San Francisco Chronicle bestseller list!

An Evening With Author

Frances Moore Lappé

Author of "Diet For a Small Planet" and "Democracy’s Edge,"

recipient of 17 Honorary Doctorate degrees,

and numerous awards

7 pm, Monday, March 10th, 2008

Southern Oregon UniversityBritt Ballroom
Admission: $10 advanced and $15 at the door

Advanced tickets available at the Ashland Food Coop

Advance tickets available at Ashland Food Co-op

Bring your questions for a lively interactive discussion.

Info: 541-488-2518

Getting A Grip is a little book with a big message. Frances Moore Lappe - author of sixteen books, including three-million-copy bestseller Diet for a Small Planet - distills her world-spanning experience and wisdom in a conversational yet hard-hitting style. Getting a Grip is a rare “aha” book that flouts conventional right-versus-left divisions and affirms readers’ basic sanity - their intuition that it is possible to stop grasping at straws and to grasp instead the real roots of today’s crises, from hunger and poverty to climate change and terrorism. Getting a Grip leaves readers feeling liberated and courageous.

This is truly a Community Event,

immediately followed by a

Book Signing and Community Party !

A celebration of thrivable living and community connection - Come explore and savor local organic food and libations, meet regional sustainable vendors, and connect and network with community members.  Let’s focus and amplify the energy created by Frances’ talk into a space rich with community connection, creativity, and inspiration !

"Getting a Grip is not an ordinary book: it's more like a new pair of glasses, allowing you to see everything around you with greater clarity. Suddenly the world is more comprehensible, more manageable, even more beautiful. You won't want to take them off."

--Barbara Kingsolver

"Some of the 20th century’s most vibrant activist thinkers have been American women – Margaret Mead, Jeanette Rankin, Barbara Ward, Dorothy Day – who took it upon themselves to pump life into basic truths. Frances Moore Lappé is among them."         

—The Washington Post

~ About Frances Moore Lappé ~



Lappé is a contributing editor to Yes! Magazine, a founding councilor of the World Future Council, and serves on the National Advisory Council of the Union of Concerned Scientists. She is a sought after public speaker and has received 17 honorary doctorates from distinguished institutions.In 1987 in Sweden, Lappé became the fourth American to receive the Right Livelihood Award, sometimes called the "Alternative Nobel," for her vision and work healing our planet and uplifting humanity."  Frances’ most recent honor was an award for "Lifetime Service to Increase Planetary Awareness," granted to her and to biologist E.O. Wilson, at the AltWheels Alternative Transportation Festival, 2006.

Frances Moore Lappé is the author or coauthor of fifteen books including:

Diet For a Small Planet, her 1971 three-million-copy bestseller, continues to awaken readers to the human-made causes of hunger and the power of our everyday choices to create the world we want.
Hope’s Edge: Five years and Five Continents the stories that uncover an invisible revolution of courageous movements helping us to see solutions to environmental crises and social inequality. Challenges our notions of what the real problems are and takes us to places where ordinary people are taking extraordinary measures to regain control over their food and their lives.
You Have the Power: Choosing Courage in a Culture of Fear: Puts forth the radical notion that fear can be a source of energy and strength, an invitation to plunge forward, and not a signal to retreat. By offering powerful tools for releasing us from our fear, Lappe and Perkins show that fear can be a precious resource that we can use to create the lies we want the we world we want.
Democracy's Edge: Most Americans say we’re heading in the wrong direction. The crisis is "thin-democracy" – the dangerous idea that elections plus a market economy are enough. With surprising stories and startling facts, Lappe uncovers our emergent Living Democracy.

Frances Moore Lappe’ has founded these Institutes:

  • The Small Planet Institute, a Cambridge-based collaborative network for research and popular education to bring democracy to life.
  • The Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First), launched in 1975 with Joseph Collins . It’s publications continue to shape the international debate on the root causes of hunger and poverty. The Institute was described by The New York Times as one of the nation’s "most respected food think tanks."
  • The Center for Living Democracy, a ten-year initiative to help accelerate the spread of democratic innovations. Lappé served as founding editor of the Center’s American News Service.