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Creative Fulfillment

Aligning Positive Intentions with

Your Inner Wisdom and Cellular Body

APRIL 26th, 2008

9:30am - 5:30pm


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  • Align you entire body with your intention
  • Magnify your personal intention exponentially
  • Deeply explore your perceptual filters and learn to use them to expand your perceptual and personal possibilities
  • Complete the day with a fuller sense of where you are going, why, and the gifts you offer yourself and the world


PRICE: $75 Adults and $50 teens to 21 years

LOCATION: Jackson Wellsprings Community Room, 2253 Hwy 99 N, Ashland


For details call Shaktari at 541-488-2518

Facilitated by: Soleil Lithman and Shaktari Belew

Soleil Lithman, MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, International workshop leader, author, and founder of The Hladina Method.

Shaktari Belew, MSc Organizing Learning for EcoSocial Regeneration, author, educator, founder Honoring All Life Foundation & Thrivability Institute (Thriv’In), organizer of the Gaia University-Ashland regional center.