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The Amazing Teenage Pre-Frontal Lobes
"Neurons for Nirvana"

How the body's development supports
higher states of consciousness

Tues April 22, 7-9pm

This colorful PowerPoint presentation provides an easy to understand synthesis of recent biological discoveries.  Information from:

  • brain scientists Candice Pert and Paul MacLean
  • cellular researchers Bruce Lipton and Mae Wan Ho,
  • Heartmath Institute
  • and social psychologist Joseph Chilton Pearce

is brought together to form a new gestalt about who we are with implications for our present and future physical-spiritual evolution.

Highlights include:

  • The amazing teenage pre-frontal lobes
  • The heart as the 5th part of the brain
  • Crystaline structure of living organisms
  • The perception of light in the body
  • Introduction to Soleil Lithman's "Layers of the Heart"

Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library
258 A Street, Ashland

COST: $20-$5 for adults       ALL TEENAGERS ARE FREE

PRESENTER:  Soleil Lithman, MA Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, International workshop leader, author and founder of The Hladina Method®. 

This presentation has delighted audiences in Germany, India, and California.  Now Soleil brings it home to the Rogue Valley. 

For more information call 541-482-7223.