Seeing From the Heart - The Science of Perception

Comments from Participants

"Shaktari, your workshop was a pleasure. Why? And why did so much work? Your in-touchness, preparation, knowledge, experience, openness, enthusiasm, the positive participation of the whole group, and, most of all, your willingness and capability to share love, to model seeing more possibilities. I am really glad I attended. Thank you deeply." - J.A.

"In the workshop I was willing to look at different possibilities and to see fewer limits in my life. I experienced being more centered in my heart, as a result the world looked more vibrantly alive and colorful. Since then, I am experiencing greater clarity about self-love. I now see the underlying beliefs about how I perceive myself and the choices I make about how I see the world." - W.C.

"I was suddenly struck with the idea that often times our view may change without a change of perspective or position, only a high level of awareness. It is possible that while I remain exactly where I am things around me change enough that what I am looking at is different. If I am not conscious and aware I could miss these subtle changes and continue to respond as if there had been no change... I believe it was the time allowed and detailed descriptions from the activity that allowed me to notice the lesson. I plan to take the same amount of time and energy in noticing and acknowledging the changes and growth in myself, my loved ones and my life." - KZ