Seeing From the Heart - The Science of Perception

You Will Learn To...

Connect with yourself, such that you access your own feelings and motivations. They are the filters through which you perceive. Once you are aware of them, the possibility exists to let go, open, and choose how you intend to experience life. To do so, you must be willing to allow your sense of perception to expand beyond your present beliefs of what is possible. Those beliefs keep your sensory experience limited to the confirmation of what you perceive as your limits. For example, if you believe that those who claim to see auras are charlatans, you will not allow yourself to see auras even though your senses may actually perceive them. Let go of your conceptions of what is possible, and simply allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of life. What you experience then becomes a function of what you are willing to experience.

Connect with your subject. Regardless of whether your subject is considered "animate" or "inanimate", the possibility exists of joining and exploring your energies. This is an invitation to experience life's energy in a new way. When you allow yourself to merge or connect energetically with a subject, you access worlds of information beyond those perceived traditionally alone. Your willingness to do so opens the door.

Be fully present with your subject. When you open fully and place your complete awareness on your subject in this present moment, you can experience an exchange of energy. And when that merging occurs, you become One. The energy experienced is as much your own energy as that of the subject.

Artists will tell you this. What they perceive is always filtered through their own life experiences. And when an artist expresses that merging creatively, what part of the final work is artist and what part subject? They are impossible to separate. In a very true sense then, they are One.  If your subject is willing, allow yourself to explore their feelings and wants. Are you willing to see beneath the surface to those motivations or intentions coming from the essence of what you are "seeing?"

Trust the experience. As you open to deeper sensory perception, you will find that your subjective experience does not always match that of others. Honor yourself by trusting your experience. Honor the experience of others by fully understanding the subjective nature of perception.

Enjoy the connection. With the humility of acknowledging how little we know, comes the willingness to open and learn. When your focus holds the intention of accessing and understanding the energy present in all life, you open to a deeper experience of reality. With practice, Seeing from the Heart becomes not only comfortable, but a natural, fulfilling, and enjoyable way of perceiving life.