Who and What We Are

Our Mission and Purpose

Our Mission

The Honoring All Life Foundation is intent on exploring an emerging new reality that includes all life in our designs, decisions, and plans. 

  • It requires the humility of one who knows there is always more to perceive - and the willingness to actively pursue various ways of perceiving, learning, and knowing. 
  • It invites each person to fully embrace the power and responsibility of their daily choices, to look deeply within and ask, "WHAT DO I TRULY WANT?" and to become deliberate creators of their own reality. 
  • Most of all, it is a celebration of who we know our deepest selves to be.

We can choose to create a world that honors all - right now - with our next breath, our next thought, our next action.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is four-fold:

  1. to actively and humbly explore what it means to live life honoring all
  2. to co-creatively design new social structures dedicated to honoring all
  3. to network with and support those who consciously choose to explore honoring all life in their area of expertise
  4. and to assist in creating a field of receptivity in which "honoring all life" can be fully explored by individuals and communities.