Who and What We Are

Our Story - What We Are All About

The projects of the Honoring All Life Foundation are all dedicated to serving the transition we humans, as a species, are currently making. We are shifting from a species that, on a mass scale, was only able to consciously perceive life as a struggle between modes of domination and survival; to a species ready to consciously evolve through the realization that we are at choice about how we perceive the world and what we DO in life, to the realization that we can empower ourselves to create the heaven we've traditionally sought in an afterlife right here, right now - through the choices we make on a daily moment to moment basis.

We are dedicated to creating a context in which all can feel empowered to experience their own magnificence and that of all life. Through that realization, our choices change dramatically. The HAL Foundation projects seek to fill voids in the global movement to create that new human expression of who we are on this planet, working with those organizations and people who are experts in their respective fields.

Our AWARENESS MEDIA PROJECT seeks to create a fertile ground in which new ideas can take root, by producing 30 and 60-second media spots for use in a multitude of ways. The intention is to create an inner-dialogue within the viewer, one that sees our current cultural and societal choices with non-judging eyes, that stirs a desire to find a more effective and win-win solution for all regarding various topics affecting us all. HAL Foundation will provide both the sounding board for a global discussion and a direct suggestion link to those who are the experts working hands-on in the field of the issues addressed. We are working with Mark Vicente (What the Bleep Do We Know?) and other professionals to manifest these highly creative spots.

EARTH EMBRACE CLUBS provide an easy and inexpensive way to create after-school programs for children of all ages that fill a gap in current educational system. Most people, young and old alike, have never studied design in their school curriculum. Yet we are all asked to design our world and how we live in it. Earth Embrace Clubs provide hands-on 30 and 60- minute curriculum designed to be fun and to develop design skills regarding human-environmental interaction in our everyday lives. A database of curriculum lessons will be accessed through the internet, providing individual lessons for free, and the entire database for a small fee. The database will be searchable by both topic and age group.

HONORING ALL LIFE INSTITUTE (HALI) is the educational branch of the Foundation. We are currently seeking a location in which to develop an experimental school based on a synthesis of the best of many alternative educational models, complete with an emphasis on design theory and a strong desire to honor all throughout the entire process. Visit our website for more details.

RE-IGNITING COMMUNITY is the community implementation branch of HAL. It seeks to research and develop new structures for community intended to be inclusive and empowering. Foremost in this effort is our on-going development of a local complementary currency for the Rogue Valley. Creating a medium of local exchange has been proven throughout the world to be one of the most effective methods of insuring that basic needs are met within the community. HAL is working with Bernard Lietaer, one of the creators of the Euro and a highly recognized expert on Complementary Currencies, to develop a custom currency to meet the needs or our local area.

HONORING ALL LIFE - A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO EXPLORING A NEW REALITY is the book I have been working on for almost two years. It is a detailed exploration of those already working within their field of expertise to consciously honor all, highlighting their work and how to support them. It is also an invitation to the reader to actively engage in a self-exploration as to what exactly honors reader's essential being, and how to go about living life as an expression of that self. Two Inner-Child Journals and one book of Honoring All Life Meditations have already been published using quotes from the main book.

The DEEP PERCEPTION WORKSHOPS actively explore HOW we perceive and the choices we make when perceiving, including an awareness of the filters through which we perceive. These determine the extent of our perceptual ability, and awareness of their effect within our lives offers us the option to actively choose how we perceive our reality. This workshop is at the heart of HAL, for what and how we perceive directly affects our level of conscious awareness and our ability to make choices that honor all.