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Present a series of workshops leading to

facilitator training in August 2008




featuring the ZEGG Forum


April 12th - 13th,


April 20th, 2008






This fun-filled course is designed to create and deepen connections,

foster trust between community members,

and learn new community sustainability techniques.

ZEGG Forum:  Forum is a group facilitation to build self-awareness, honest communication and trust in communities.  It is a special kind of communication process in which the consciousness of both the individual and the collective is raised.  Forum is about liberation, understanding and communication NOW.  It provides a framework for investigating human nature.  Over time the Forum becomes a powerful basis for raising the lever of awareness of the whole community.  Forum was developed at ZEGG Community, Germany.


Together we’ll play with and explore community building games and exercises from ZEGG, Theater of the Oppressed, Naka Ima, and much more. Emphasis is on community building, creating/deepening connections, developing trust, and having fun.


  • April 12th: The Gathering Place, 2969 Barbara St., Ashland
  • April 13th and 20th: Headwaters Building, 84 4th St.
  • 10am-5pm



  • Monetary Value-Donation plus
  • a $20 logistics fee for space rental


Text Box: “Forum supports what is authentic, alive and true, that which comes into the light beyond politeness and the daily games of hiding and disguise.”      “Doubtless the path to social consciousness, compassion and contact requires an inner metamorphosis.  Forum, because it is simultaneously personal and social has the power to bring this about in us.”      ~ Dolores Richter, Seminar Leader & Former Head of Education at ZEGG Community.







For details call Shaktari at 541-488-2518

Text Box:  Facilitated by: Teryani Riggs. 
Teryani Riggs has been teaching/facilitating ZEGG-forum for over 8 years, and has been facilitating community events, consensus decision-making, theater/dance improv, and participating in social-sustainability work for over 10 years. Community, Sustainability, Wilderness, and Honoring the Sacred are the four cornerstones of her life.  She resides in Cascadia, near Portland, Oregon.